About The Blog

Now that we have finished our tour in Korea, spent 30 days in America visiting friends and family and crossed the Atlantic; we have finally reached our final destination: Ramstein AFB Germany! This blog is to help everyone we love and those who have grown close to us along the way follow us on our many adventures/travels during our first year here in Europe. We will be posting a picture a day for 365 days so all of you can feel like you are right here with us and maybe it will inspire some of you to visit as well. Our door is always open, our home is your home, each and every one of you have a room with a view here; so get your “Germany Penny Banks” started and book your flights soon. You may find yourself enjoying some of our adventures with us! Remember to check up on us often, read our post and look at our pictures to see what we have been up to. As always, we look forward to meeting you here.

Hope and Wesley Boyd

We are very excited about starting our new adventure in Germany! We will be finished with our tour here in Korea around the first of Jan. (just 2.5 months from now) and then we will be returning to Biloxi to visit family and friends, say our farewells; and then it’s back across the ocean to start our new life in a new country. Please be patient until then as we will be updating you guys about our life, and our travels, with a picture a day during the first year of OUR GREAT GERMAN ADVENTURE! Check up on us often, read, and look at our pictures and posts to see what we have been up to. We look forward to meeting you here. XO 🙂

6 thoughts on “About The Blog

  1. I am an Army brat who spent the first three years of my life in Germany and returned as a foreign exchange student in high school. Wishing you the best of luck in your new German adventure! Safe travels – and thanks for the like on my image which led me to this page! CJ

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