Rhine River Dinner Cruise (Valentine’s Day)

It’s been a week since we’ve done a post but as promised we are keeping you updated on what we are doing here in Europe. For Our 2nd Valentine’s Day here in Germany ( I can’t believe that a year ago this was the very first holiday we celebrated here, wow! time sure does pass quicker than one thinks, to check out the blog we posted last year about our first Valentine’s Day in Germany click here; https://mhsjb1997.wordpress.com/2013/02/14/our-first-holiday-in-germany-3/ ) we took a Dinner Cruise with some friends down the Rhine River to tour some Castles. Even though it was chilly and a little damp the day still turned out beautiful and we all had a wonderful time. We recommend this trip to anyone who is looking for just a day “get-a-way” and with bus transportation there and back included plus, the castle tour, a snack and drinks while there, a boat trip down the Rhine with the history of all the Castles on the banks of the Rhine River, and your dinner as well, the cost of 69 Euro is well worth it for a day of fun.

Wes and Hope Castle Pano Castle grounds  Cannons Castle Looking out the window of Castle Inside castle Hope inside castle Castle walls door to outside  pano Hope outside castle castle grounds Castle grounds Rhine River Steps and castle wall Castel wall looking at Rhine River Castel wall with shrubbs Our River Cruise pano of Rhine River Castle on Rhine River Travel down Rhine River Dock of our Cruise Another boat Castle on Rhine River Dock with lights


4 thoughts on “Rhine River Dinner Cruise (Valentine’s Day)

  1. Impressive tour! And a remembrance worth to take with you when you’re away. Seems you are very consciously are making the best of the remaining time before Wes has to do his term. I wish both of you well for the tough time to come.

    • Yes Zyriacus it was a wonderful tour. Our guide had a lot of great information for us. We are trying to make the most of every min. we have. Thanks for continuing to follow the blog. Hope and Wes

  2. So, glad to see you are both having a great time. Our class trip was a cruise on the Rhine, it was a fun day and time on the river, and our guide kept us apprised of all the history of the area.

    I must say, I did check my email and the blog everyday to see if there was a update, glad to see your post! 🙂

    • Thank you Dan, we had a great guide as well. The history in that area is quite amazing. It makes me very happy to know that we have such loyal followers of our blog. Thank you for your support during this last year. 🙂 We look forward to keeping you updated with many more post.

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