Happy 1st Birthday!! (To Our Blog)

On Feb. 11, 2013 (A year ago today) we arrived in Germany. We started doing this blog everyday, posting a picture and sharing things that were happening in our lives. We made a promise to ourselves, our family and our friends that we’d never miss a day or an opportunity to share our European adventure that we were about to have. And, We NEVER DID!!! As of today, Wes and I have blogged and posted 365 consecutive days of our lives. During those days we have gained over 100 followers, had almost 30,000 views, 500 comments on the blog alone, not counting the comments from our family and friends on Facebook, and we’ve had other’s share our blog 30 times. (Not too bad for “first-timers”) So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO “A PICTURE A DAY” – We have enjoyed sharing our everyday life with all of you so very much!

We will continue to do the blog and hope you all continue to follow us along our journey. However we will not be posting every single day. With Wesley being deployed our travels will be slowing down. I will be going back and forth from Europe to America during the next 10 months and will blog about my time with family and friends. I will also share what I can about my communication with Wes while he is away. So please stop by the blog often and check in on what we are doing. When we both return home, get settled and start our European travels again we will resume the blog on a daily basis.

Thanks to everyone who has followed our blog and shown your support throughout the last year. We love you all,

Hope and Wesley Boyd

Christmas Kiss  2013 Christmas Kiss 2013 – Our First Christmas in Germany

Together on a Train One of our many trips on a European Train

Ireland Trip Our trip to Ireland – One of our favorites so far. 

A moment in Time One of our favorite moments from the last year in Europe. (The Giant’s Causeways)

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