European Travels 2013-2014


(Guest Writing for Hope Tonight: Wesley J. Boyd)

On this day a year ago Hope and I started out on our very own “European Vacation.”  Staying busy trying to take in as much as we could, never passing up an opportunity to hit the roads; only lying around on the weekends a time or two to take a break and catch our breath.  In that time we have traveled to over 19 sites/cities throughout 7 countries in Europe.  Covering an area of around 600 by 640 sq. miles.  We wanted to continue our travels/journey well into the 2014 year but my deployment is going to delay that for a while.  In the mean time while Hope and I are apart we will start a new journey while we travel down the road to self discovery and find the place of personal growth and independence.


Not Listed In Any Particular Order (And Places in and around a 10-20 mile radius were not listed at all.)

1. Trier, Germany

2. Metz, France

3. Munich, Germany

4. Bad Münster, Germany

5. Kusel, Germany

6. Bernkastel-Kues, Germany

7. Frankfurt, Germany

8. Brussels, Belgium

9. Bastogne, Belgium

10. Berlin, Germany

11. Heidelberg, Germany

12. Speyer, Germany

13. Belfast, United Kingdom

14. Paris, France

15. Giant’s Causeway, United Kingdom

16. Traben-Trarbach, Germany

17. Newgrange, Ireland

18. Dublin, Ireland

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