A Night With The Girls

We spent the night with some pretty little girls tonight. Their mommy and daddy had an Air Force Promotion Ceremony to attend and we got chance to spoil them and play aunt and uncle. From grilling burgers, making cookies, popping popcorn in the popper to reading books, walking Corbin and playing in the back yard, the afternoon was filled with activity. When things settled down a bit after dinner, we watched a little T.V. and they did some art, but not before they played “dress-up” with Ms. Hope’s clothes and shoes and then decided what they wanted to take home for their own. Then it was “Barber-Shop” with Mr. Wes…. They REALLY cut his hair! (All kids think he’s a big play toy.) LOL – Of course bed time was later than it would have been at home but isn’t that what you do at your aunt and uncle’s house? Get spoiled! 😉

The girls Walkin the dog Reading IMG_2972 popping corn popping corn 2 Cutting Wesley's hair Cutting Wesley's hair 2


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