Hearts for Sale!

Guest Writing for Hope tonight: Wesley J. Boyd


With my upcoming deployment just a few weeks away I set out on a fact finding mission to learn as much as I could about future job descriptions.  To do that I have spoken to many people, asked a thousand questions on what to expect, what can I do to better prepare and numerious other questions I could think of to reduce the learning curve to settling into my new job. Each person provided a wide range of answers from how to better communicate with loved ones while away to things that are a must to bring with you down range.  But, the best answer came in the form of a book recommendation that I received while on a long hike with Corbin up to Hohenecken Castle.  During the trip I ran into a retiring Colonel who said that the one piece of advice he would give is to read the book ” Hearts for Sale! A Buyer’s Guide to Winning in Afghanistan” by Farzana Marie.  Saying “…that it really gives you a general idea of what you would be doing and a clue on how to do it.”  He even offered me his copy of the book to read before leaving.  After the recommendation, discussing when to pick up the book  and a little more small talk we said our goodbyes.

I picked up the book the following day and was instantly hooked after reading the forward and tribute from Major General H. R. McMaster.  I highly recommend the book to not only those DOD members tasked to deploy but to their family members as well.  As it gives a great answer to why and how the US came to play a role in building the New Afghanistan.

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