Dreaded Chore

We all love the holiday season but when it comes to an end if you’re like me the one chore you hate doing the most is putting all the decorations away. It’s makes me sad in a way that the festivities, great food, and visiting with family and friends has come to an end, but it also makes me a little excited too. It marks the start of a new year that is full of promise and a chance to do things over that we didn’t finish or neglected to do the year before. I’m just glad that I have a sweet, loving husband that is doing it for me while I clean the kitchen. I rather wash dishes. 😉

Dreaded Chore

2 thoughts on “Dreaded Chore

  1. How I envy you, to see the emerald island! If you’ve never been there, you will love it. Have a pleasant trip and bear my greetings to the friendly people there. I have the fondest memories of ths country and its wonderful folk.

    • Thank you Zyriacus, we are very excited about visiting Dublin. I’m sure we will love it, it’s been on Wesley’s “bucket-list” for a while now. We will tell the wonderful people there hallo for you. 🙂 We will be sure to post pictures.

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