Our “Upcoming” Trip

1. Plane tickets bought. – Check

2. Hotel reserved. – Check

3. Concert tickets bought. – Check

4. Rental car reserved. – Check

5. Trip planned. – Not yet finished, still researching.

We’ve been many places since we arrived in Germany earlier this year, but they have all been within driving distance. Next month (Jan.) we are planning a trip with friends – three other couples in fact, to Dublin, the capital of Ireland to see Maroon Five in concert. We are so excited! We are going to be flying on Ryan Air, staying at the Jury Hotel which is within walking distance from the concert stadium and we’re taking a tour of the Guinness Factory. I’m sure we will be doing a lot of other things while we’re there for the 4 days and 4 nights but we are still in the planning stage.  Ireland is one of the places we’ve always wanted to visit because Wesley’s family tree originated there. I think this is going to be a fun filled vacation with great friends. We’re really looking forward to the experience.

Dublin Trip

2 thoughts on “Our “Upcoming” Trip

  1. Hope you have a great trip. After retiring and doing lots of family research, the desire to return to Europe is a growing itch. Ireland is one such place I would love to go and research. Manorhamilton is a small town in north County Leitrim, Ireland, and grew around a castle called Manorhamilton Castle that was build by my father’s sister’s husband’s 9th great grandfather.

    There a few real Irish in the tree, but it is more rooted in England and Scotland, the Irish are truly an interesting piece of American history, and sadly almost forgotten. They were disparaged almost as much as the Mexican of today, when they came over to escape the potato blight. And, yet were some of the biggest reasons we, the USA, grew so fast, for with their hands and skills they built many of our great cities, and almost single handily.

    I eagerly await your trip stories and photo’s.

    • Thanks Dan, I’m sure if you decide to come back to Europe you will enjoy it just as much if not more than when you were here as a young man. Thanks for the information on Ireland, we will keep that particular location in mind for our vacation. I agree with you, the Irish are great people. We will of course be posting pictures and letting all our followers know what’s going on while we are on our trip. And as always, thanks for following our blog. Have a great day. Wes and Hope

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