Hiking in Germany Part 2

As promised, here is the second part of: “Hiking in Germany” My sweet friend Kaila brought my pictures over today. I went through them and selected a few. It wasn’t an easy task as we had almost 200 to choose from and they are all very beautiful. I tried to choose a variety; ones with scenery, for those wanting to see the sites and scenes of Germany and some of “us” for our family. Enjoy!

(Sunday) April 14, 2013

We started at the beginning of the trail head.

The start of the hike

We spotted a frog hiding in the leaves as we climbed a hill. What a cute little thing he was. Frogs are considered good luck and Wesley LOVES frogs. (We actually have one named, “Mr. Sears” who has guarded our door for the last 5 years.) So we knew it was going to be a great day!

Frog on the hill

The girls started off strong on the hike ahead of the boys! Whoot! Whoot!

The girls on the hike

Up ahead we saw some stone steps that were carved on the side of the mountain. Of course we let the boys go first on those.

Steps in the forrest

There was huge rocks every where! They made formations, that if you used your imagination, they looked like animal faces or different shapes.

Big Rocks

When we got to the top of the hill we were stunned! There was a Fox. Our Dog, Corbin was running a head of us and we were afraid that he may scare the Fox and be attacked. There was a very large group of rocks and the Fox was using it as a den. Wesley whistled at Corbin to stop and when he did the Fox ran off. We were all a little out of breath at that point to say the least, but thank goodness everyone was OK and nature was undisturbed.

Corbin in the Foxes Den

We sat for a minute or two and gathered ourselves, ate some fruit, drank some water and it was back on the hike again.

The Boyds on the branch

The boys were so patient with us and helped us hike up and down the big rocks and hills. They even picked us wild flowers. How romantic! 🙂


It seemed like around every corner there would be another view to take your breath away. And this next one surely did just that.

Looking down from the ridge

Wesley is all about nature and history so he was in absolute heaven all day! Look at that big smile on his face.

Wesley on the hike

As we continued along the hike, we came to a clearing. In the middle of no where there was a peculiar looking door with brick around it with a small bench. Kids I’m assuming, have marked it with graffiti. However, it looks really cool. We just had to take a picture by it.


The trail flattened out a bit but was still very beautiful.


Since we were no longer hiking up hills and down into valleys the Roberto’s stopped to take a break and feel the warm sun on their faces. They didn’t know I was sneaking a picture of them. (I think I captured their sweet embrace quite nicely.)

Taking a break together

We continued on until we came upon a pond. It had a small female duck in it with hundreds of frogs. Wesley fed the duck and Corbin fell in. I must say that the day was turning out to be rather exciting for our baby dog.

Duck in the pond

We were the only people around so the place was very peaceful. The small pond with the tiny bridge looked like something you might read about in a book.

Bridge to the pond

We wanted to take our picture every where it seemed (at least that’s what Matt said.) LOL – but every where and everything was so beautiful that every where and everything was a photo opportunity. We were happy he did us the honor and took our photo anyway. 😉

Us by the pond

After we were finished with our photos at the pond we followed a stream in a valley.

Along the stream

The stream led us to an opening where we found this wonderful face.

Carved tree stump

And this Man.

Hidden away

After walking a little more the boys decided to climb up these very large rocks and show the girls how strong and manly they were! Of course we clapped and praised them because….well, that’s what wives do. 😉 And besides we “were” proud of them.

All 3 of the boys

Then, it was our steepest trek of the day yet, down a huge hill and to the finish line! But the reward was some of the best ice-cream in Landstuhl. Not bad, not bad if I say so myself.

At the finish line!

4 thoughts on “Hiking in Germany Part 2

    • Thank you very much! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. It’s very beautiful here. We try to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air whenever we can. 🙂

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