Hiking in Germany Part 1

To say that today was perfect is an understatement! The weather was in the 70’s and the air was clean and fresh. It’s as if the sun knew we needed to see her bright light and feel her warmth after all these months of bitter cold and gloomy days spent here in Germany. Of course after hibernating for so long the first thing we wanted to do is GO OUT SIDE! So, we decided to grab the Roberto’s and take a hike.

The beauty in the woods here is amazing. Even when your body tells you that you can’t take another step there is a little voice inside you that says, “Yes you can. There is something up there around the next corner that is worth seeing.” And with that thought, you find the strength to go a little farther.

Every time we do anything we take 100’s of pictures. When it’s time to do the blog it’s hard to choose just a few to post and share. From rock formations, mountains, tall tress with beautiful birds, water falls, ponds with ducks and frogs, streams with bridges, Castles, and just nature in general, there is always an endless array of photo opportunities. When I choose the name of my blog, “A Picture A Day” I didn’t know how easy it would be to do just that. (Today we took 100’s of beautiful pictures but left our disc at the Roberto’s house. The pictures we are posting tonight were taken with our phone. We will post the ones from our camera tomorrow when we get it back. This is just a preview.) We hope that everyone that reads our post and looks at our photos continues to enjoy what we do. We have been here in Germany about two months now and it just gets better and better.

Hiking in Germany

On the trail

Rock formations

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