Just Because!

Wesley had to go drop his uniforms off at the dry cleaners this afternoon to have his Master Sergeant stripes sewn on them for Friday and while he was out he bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a card.

Flowers from Wesley

The card was in German and he didn’t know what it said but the front reminded him of us and the inside was blank so he got it anyway.

German Card

When he got home he typed the words into translate and the card actually said, “Happy Wedding Wishes” – of course we both got a big laugh out of that but it’s the thought that counts right? The flowers and card were for no particular occasion, they were “just because” so it really didn’t matter what the card said at all! I truly have the best husband in the world. Another great day in Germany!

2 thoughts on “Just Because!

    • Thank you Zyriacus, he deserves the promotion. He works very hard at his job. He has been doing the job of a Master for the last 14 months anyway….it’s about time. LOL and you are right….it is the thought that counts!! (SStg. is a good rank as well.) It’s good that you served your country.

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